(also see - BRICKLAYER`S ARMS SUSPECT; John PIZER;
 first mentioned as suspect in The Star, Wed 5 Sept 1888:

        Among other things, the people wish to know why the police do not arrest "Leather Apron".
        Leather Apron by himself is an unpleasant character. If, as many of the people suspect, he is the real author of the three
        murders which, in everybody`s judgement, was done by the same person, he is a more ghoulish and devilish brute than
        can be found in all the pages of shocking fiction.
        He has ranged Whitechapel for a long time. He exercises over the unfortunates, who ply their trade after twelve o`clock
        at night, a sway that is based on universal terror.
        He has kicked, injured, bruised and terrified hundreds of them who are ready to testify to the outrages. He has made a
       certain threat, his favourite threat, to any number of them, and each of the three dead bodies represents that threatened
       carried out. He carries a razor-like knife...
       Ever since the last murder, the name "Leather Apron" has been falling repeatedly on the ears of reporters

 On Wed 5 Sept 1888, between 12 midnight and 3am, 50 "unfortunates" spoke to a Star reporter, describing "Leather Apron" as:
5ft 4ins to 5ft 5ins, 38 to 40 years of age, black closely clipped hair, small black moustache, thick set, thick neck, wearing a dark close fitting cap and leather apron (The Star. Wed 5 Sept 1888); and that morning, PC 43, PC 173 and Detective Enright, all of Metropolitan Police J Division, Bethnal Green, began searching for "Leather Apron" - in Church Street, Shoreditch, lodging houses, public houses and side streets, and, later, in Brick Lane, Flower and Dean Street, and in the direction of the London Hospital, Whitechapel - without success (The Star. Thurs 6 Sept 1888)

 On Sun 9 Sept 1888, a broadsheet appeared on the streets of Whitechapel - referring to the murder of Annie
Chapman and a call for "Capture: Leather Apron" (as in image on right). Although the copy on file is undated,
date of its issue can be calculated from the fact that Annie Chapman was murdered on Sat 8 Sept, and John
Pizer was arrested, accused of being "Leather Apron", on Mon 10 Sept (see SUSPECTS - P - JOHN PIZER).